Jan Algermissen

Programmer and Software Architect

Email: [email protected]
Phone: ++49 (0)40 89700511
  ++49 (0)177 2831440
A detailed resumé is available in German: PDF.


SERUBA - A New Search and Learning Technology for the Internet and Intranets,(Schmitz-Esser,Algermissen), May 2001.

Technical Standards

Reference Model for ISO 13250 Topic Maps (RM4TM), (Newcomb, Hunting, Algermissen), November 2002

Commercial Work Experience

Founder, Tugboat Consulting
(March 2005 - present)
All my research of the passt years has finally reached the quality of a business case: Applying Web Technologies to Enterprise IT. I have written a foundational software package and created a company around it: Tugboat Consulting.
Independent Programmer
(August 2001 - present)
I am working as a contract programmer with a strong tendency towards network communication and information management and retrieval. My resumé provides a detailed list of my recent Projects and Clients.
Seruba GmbH
(March 2000 - July 2001)
Development Manager -- Seruba specialized in the development of multilingual thesauri and their application for information retrieval, e-learning and text mining. I was the leader of software development, focussing on the implementation of Seruba's thesaurus server and editor, and a search engine.
Netwhere GmbH
(August 1997 - March 2000)
Web Developer -- Netwhere (now Arc Interactive) is a New Media Agency. As a Web Developer, I implemented software including CGI programs, applets, search tools, online auctions, content management systems and database applications.